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As the son of Greek Immigrants, I can honestly say that this was NEVER a business that I just “got into.”  This was a way of life that has always been a part of who I am.  For over two hundred years, my family has been involved in the Wine and Olive Oil business.  Hospitality and Entertainment are the two main pillars of my Greek Culture. My philosophy has always been that if you can make your career in what you love - then you have won the game. 


Some ten years ago I decided that I wanted to follow my heart and share my personal family experience with my friends and community. During this time, I founded a few local restaurant chains. About three years ago, I decided to sell and re-focus on building a new brand around my young family and the beautiful Hero Ranch Estate. Hero Ranch is not just my home, but it’s the start of a new & refreshing family tradition, that I want to share with each one of you. The Hero Ranch Estate is located in Almaden Valley is set on over 50 acres. Our private estate includes a horse Ranch, vineyards views and a private rustic events venue that we call “The Barn”.


Our business has now grown from our own private estate located just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Silicon Valley, to our Esteemed Hero Ranch Kitchen, located in the Village of downtown Saratoga. Many of the Seasonal Ingredients we offer in our dishes are grown from our very own gardens located at the Hero Ranch Farm. 


At the Hero Ranch Kitchen, serving our guests is a completely natural experience. It is not only about the food on your plate, the community that surrounds you, but also the personal interaction & experience with each of our guests. What makes Hero Ranch Kitchen so special is this collaboration of community & family tradition, and of course you. I truly feel blessed to be able to serve all of you.




Angelo C Heropoulos

The Hero Ranch Kitchen

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Bruschetta with Ham