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Effective June 5, 2020 

Santa Clara County Outdoor Dining Restrictions 


a. Basis for Addition. Outdoor dining provides access to freshly prepared meals at a 

relatively low risk of transmission. Because food service will be limited to outdoor areas, the overall volume of increased activity will be modest. In addition, interactions and activities that occur outdoors carry a lower risk of transmission than most indoor interactions and activities. Risks associated with these operations can be substantially mitigated with conditions to ensure adequate social distancing and limit intermixing between households. 

b. Description and conditions to operate: Restaurants and other food facilities that provide sit-down food service may provide outdoor, sit-down meals, subject to the following limitations in addition to those required elsewhere in the Order: 

i. Outdoor seating arrangements shall limit the number of patrons at a single table to no more than six (6) individuals, all of whom must be from the same household or living unit. Members of separate households or living units are not allowed to dine at the same table.

ii. All tables must be separated to ensure that six-feet minimum social distance can easily be maintained between all members of separate households or living units at all times. For clarity, patrons who are members of the same household or living unit and seated together at a table do not need to be six feet apart.

iii. Alcohol may be sold to patrons in conjunction with a meal, but it may not be sold 



iv. Bar areas must remain closed to customers. 

v. Entertainment events are not allowed at this time.


vi. Outdoor dining, placement of outdoor seating arrangements, and food service 

must be in compliance with local laws, regulations, and permitting requirements.


vii. Facilities that open for outdoor dining must offer curbside pickup, takeaway, and/or delivery service alternatives. 

For the Safety of our Guests HRK has added dividers in between tables to help mitigate and prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

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